At NOX Energy, we go by the mantra of smart, simple and sustainable.
NOX Energy provides the answer for property owners to welcome the fast-growing cohort of EV drivers, by creating an integrated charging solution. It combines cost-effective EV charging infrastructure and app-based payments, for strata and commercial car parks.
Our cloud-based PMS (Power Management System) and smart metering at the individual socket level, is suitable for houses, apartments and multi-use car park facilities. Retrofitting is simple, quick and affordable, allowing asset owners to keep pace with EV driving habits and support the circular economy.
The NOX Energy mission is to help drive the global community towards zero emission and a sustainable future.
Wylie Chak
Co-founder and Director
Wylie Chak is a seasoned banker with a passion for entrepreneurship and tech start-ups. With an impressive track record, he garnered valuable experience at prominent financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

In 2015, he embarked on a new journey, joining Lindsay Wine Estate (LWE) in Australia as managing partner, overseeing distribution and sales for the Asia-Pacific region. Under his management, LWE rose to prominence as one of the leading exporters of Barossa wine in the nation.

In 2019, he co-founded “Uollar”, a cryptocurrency investment platform based out of Hong Kong.

In 2023, NOX Energy was born out of the realization of the challenges faced by multi-unit residents when transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs). Today, NOX has created an integrated solution that offers property owners a simple and affordable charging infrastructure which will transform the way Australians power their vehicles.
Matthew Yates
Matthew Yates was the Managing Director at MOX Australia Pty Ltd, an industrial and buildings automations company. He is in charged with overseeing the company's operations in the Asia Pacific Region, encompassing Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the UAE, and Israel. A graduate of The University of Queensland with a specialization in Software Engineering.

His journey within MOX Australia spans a rich tapestry of experiences, ranging from product development to precision manufacturing and seamless supply chain management. His dedication and expertise have been pivotal in shaping NOX Energy's integrated EV charging solution.
Evan Beaver
Evan Beaver is the CEO of Chargeteam, a specialist consultancy focused on EV charging and distributed energy resources.

Evan has a decade-long tenure in executive engineering roles within the EV charging and energy storage industry. Notable achievements include spearheading the Chargefox Ultra-rapid Network, and establishing Tesla's presence in Australia.

Evan's expertise spans from boardroom negotiations to on-site project management, with a proven ability to secure capital and successfully execute grant programs.
Anna Turkington
Anna Turkington is an experienced marketing and communications specialist and founder of Get You Known, a boutique creative agency focused on delivering comprehensive marketing solutions that contribute to the long-term sustainability and increased visibility of businesses.

Anna is highly skilled in digital media, strategic communications, and brand development. Her professional experience includes senior marketing roles in the medical technology, education, and lifestyle sectors.

Anna has successfully developed and launched numerous brands across the lifestyle, education, technology, health and fitness, legal, and healthcare sectors.
Nick Bishop
Nick Bishop has 25+ years of experience in the financial industry. He held leadership positions at Aberdeen Asset Management and Gresham Partners, as the Head of Australian Fixed Income and Managing Director, respectively. Nick co-founded Bishop & Fang Capital Advisory, covering both government and private sector.

His experience spans capital markets, funding, investment management, and advisory. He has been involved in capital raises on both Web3 and Web2 platforms. Nick is a founding member of the Aus DeFi Association.